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Our store can offer the following products and services:

Spyware - AntySpy
Equipment and Devices Espionage and Counter-Espionage
Articles , Tools and Devices for Self Defense
Self Defense
Jammer GSM , 3G , 4G , WiFi, Jammer 's
Costume disguise, coveralls and balaclavas
Knives and Sticks and Tools
Security and Protection
audio espionage
spy video
Spy Software
Supervisory Computer / Laptop
Mobile Phone Surveillance
Anti- spy techniques
Self-defense techniques
spy Techniques
Techniques / Methods for Computers and anti- spy Phones

The products in our store are devices with educational and informational and self defense. Please do not use them for illegal purposes ! We take no responsibility for the purposes of using products purchased ! Customer assumes responsibility for the use and utilization order products on this site. When purchasing products , customers give their consent to the terms and conditions on this site and confirm as they are aware of them. Using self-defense equipment , jamming , intelligence , surveillance and counter is banned in some countries . It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they have the legal right to use these products before buying from us. After purchase , the customer is fully responsible for any legal issues that may occur as a result of using these products. It is the responsibility of each user to submit legislation and avoid using products for illegal purposes . By buying and using the device , the user understands and agrees that it will use only in a lawful manner and under the conditions set out on this website.